Avast vs AVG Free Antivirus 2019 | Comparison Review

You must have noticed in your beautiful gardens, sometimes uninvited guest appears. These uninvited guests are weeds. These weeds have the potential to destroy your grass but you get rid of them by throwing them out of your garden. AVG or Avast - whats best for windows 10? Similarly what you will do if such weeds or rather virus try to damage your phone? What you can do to prevent some pages and apps from getting virus along with them? The solution in this situation is an 'antivirus'. An antivirus program is a software program that helps you protect your phone or PC from viruses and worms and as mentioned earlier some uninvited guest that has the potential to damage your devices.

What is an Avg antivirus?

An Avg antivirus also is known as Anti-Virus Guard is a kind of antivirus software that protects your gadgets from getting 'sick' or damaged by worms or viruses. It is the creation of AVG Technologies. The website of the Avg antivirus is www.avg.com. It is available for platforms like Windows, macOS, and Android. It is easy to install an Avg antivirus. So in case if you are downloading the antivirus for windows just go to its official website and then click on 'Download Avg Antivirus Free'. Once it is downloaded on your windows right click the shortcut and click on 'run as administrator'. Click on 'yes' when the user account control dialogue box appears. Then in the top right corner of the display select your language and then click on install. Now Avg antivirus is ready to use on your windows. The Avg antivirus will scan your computer with your permission. Note that in some cases when it cannot resolve the virus issues it may ask you to buy its other antivirus software or to get updated features.

What are the pros and cons of Avg antivirus?

One of the biggest disadvantages of Avg is that it cannot track complex viruses in its free version. So you might start believing that your computer is virus free when it is not. Moreover, installing and updating takes a lot of time. But if one look at these then one can note that it has more advantages like firstly, it always gives a pop-up message when it detects the virus. It let you know if the site you are browsing contains a virus or not. This can help you prevent your phone from the virus.

Secondly, Avg keeps all the virus containing files in quarantine. So if basically even if you are opening the file unknowingly it will warn you. Thirdly, it has a special advantage. Avg antivirus can tell you if any of your software needs an update. It will also warn you if you have set up a weak password on the computer. However, it is possible that some might have other choices of antivirus program but the Avg antivirus can automatically adjust itself to the secondary antivirus software position in a computer. Thus Avg antivirus actually seems to be a good choice to protect your computers and androids.